As responsible citizens, Perret Homes knows how important it is to meet and exceed the best practices in energy efficiency and standards. Our energy efficient homes are better for the environment, provide lasting value as a financial investment, and are better for you and your family. That’s why Perret homes takes great pride in the efficiency of our new homes. 

Every Perret home has been designed to standards well above those used in resale and typical new homes on the market today. In addition, we offer the option to have your new home inspected by third-party energy raters to earn the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR certification.

A new Perret home is built with energy efficient features that are designed and installed to deliver more comfort, better moisture control, improved indoor air quality and quieter operation. We integrate enhanced systems to protect your home from water damage, and we implement efficient lighting and appliances to help reduce monthly utility bills, while providing top performance and durability.

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A new Perret home is built with energy efficient features that may include:


    • Complete Thermal Enclosure System with air sealing


    • High-quality insulation and high-performance windows that:
      • Enhance comfort
      • Improve durability
      • Reduce maintenance costs
      • Help lower monthly utility bills


    • High-efficiency Heating and Cooling Systems:
      • Designed and installed to deliver more comfort
      • Provide better moisture control
      • Improved indoor air quality
      • Quieter operation


    • Water Management System
      • Helps to provide extra-protection for roofs, walls and foundations from water damage


    • Energy-efficient lighting and appliances
      • Reduction in monthly utility bills
      • High-quality performance and durability.



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